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I Was an Abuser– Divine Percolations

For years I was verbally abusive. No one knew about it. Never was I physically abusive so there were not any marks to try and hide, but I was very good at keeping secret just how cruel and intense my words could be. I couldn't blame my parents for my behavior. They were always gentle, encouraging and kind, setting a wonderful example of godly parents. So, somewhere along the way, it began. I didn't start out screaming or yelling. It was a harsh word here or there. I justified it in my mind as “constructive criticism.” “It would motivate to … [Read More...]

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Finer Grounds: Introduction to Mark

Mark Lesson 1: The Man, the Message, the Mission   Without question the most captivating story known to mankind is that of the life, death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Mark’s account of the salvation brought to mankind through the man Jesus Christ is artfully interwoven with intrigue, secrets, and miraculous occurrences. Yet … [Read More...]

How to Make a Prayer Journal

Tutorial: How to Make a Prayer Journal

Maybe some of these common prayer problems seem familiar: I know somebody asked me to pray for something, but I can’t remember who or what! I have waaaayy too many things I need to pray for and I just don’t have the time! I can never quite figure out what to say in prayer. It seems like my prayers just aren’t answered. Whenever I say … [Read More...]


Finer Grounds: Ruth 3-4

Judges and Ruth Lesson 13: The Kinsman Redeemer (Ruth 3-4)   The second chapter of Ruth left us with a cliff-hanger. So many questions were yet to be answered. What will happen to Ruth and Naomi when Barley season is over? Will Boaz act on his affection for Ruth? Will Ruth ever find the security of a loving husband again? Thankfully, we get to … [Read More...]


Finer Grounds: Ruth 1-2

Judges and Ruth Lesson 12:  A Leap of Faith (Ruth 1-2)   The progression of Ruth mirrors that of Judges. While Judges 1 began on a positive note and quickly went downhill, Ruth will start with a story of heartbreak and despair only to conclude with a beautiful account of love and redemption. Bible Marking: Don’t forget that throughout this … [Read More...]


Mary Rose and Me: The Rains Came Down

  Matthew 7:24-25  "Therefore everyone who hears these words of Mine and acts on them, may be compared to a wise man who built his house on the rock."  The windshield wipers went back and forth. Mary Rose watched as the rain drops hit the window and slid down. She was glad she had worn her rain coat. On these particular Sunday mornings … [Read More...]