Review & Giveaway: “Convicted” By Brad Harrub

Posted by Ashley Hudson December - 7 - 2011 39 Comments

Christian families today are under attack in the scientific world, and seem to have little resources to equip themselves with the scientific truths of the Bible…until now. Convicted by Brad Harrub has been a blazing light to families lost in the barrage of one-sided scientific research. With over 20,000 copies in print, it is now a go-to guide for Christian families everywhere to reinforce, and convict them of their belief in God as the Almighty Creator of all things. This book must be in the home of each and every Christian, to use as a tool to equip parents and children with scientific evidences and research. The world tries to take God out of the equation in the scientific realm, and this book proves His existence, will, and His power through and through.

Convicted covers the various worldviews of God and His existence, His plan, and His supremacy. It tackles the Theory of Evolution, the Big Bang Theory, the existence of Jesus, and the great dinosaur dilemma. Have you ever wondered how old the earth is, or if there has been evidence found to support the great flood of Noah’s day? What about the ice age? My favorite part of the book is the archaeology chapter which shows scientific discoveries that compliment the stories of the Bible. I believe kids of any age will get just as much fulfillment from this book as their parents. It is full of pictures and fun facts, and also contains additional resources that are very useful. This book can be used in a home study session with your family, in a teen class, a Jr High class, or an adult Bible study.

“How tragic is it that thousands of young people today are growing up under the impression that evolution is a ‘fact’ and that naturalism has an answer for everything…. The notion of anything supernatural is considered unscientific-and religion is viewed as a crutch for weak individuals.” Brad Harrub

Let us all prayerfully put God back into the core of our scientific beliefs, and expand on teaching our children that God made the world. If we do not expand our teaching beyond that one simple fact, which we are guilty of doing, they will become enticed by other “evidences” and we will risk loosing them to theories of man rather than the absolute truth of God. Convicted would make an excellent gift for thirsty Christians just trying to navigate their way through the theories of this world. It would make an excellent gift to your family as a tool to reach out to your children concerning the things they are being taught in school. Give it to your Sunday school teachers, ministers, and elders.

“Mankind, as the Bible indicates was the crowning glory of God’s creation. ‘We are here,’ Solomon said to ‘fear God and keep His commandments’ (Ecclesiastes 112:13) and our eternal destiny depends on the obedience to His commandments.  While many may find comfort in saying ‘We can’t know,’ the evidence is unmistakable (Romans 1:20). The responsibility is now on your shoulders… What will you do with your knowledge?”  Brad Harrub

To get your copy (and copies to gift!) of Convicted, click here.

By Ashley Hudson
Ashley Hudson is a stay-at-home-mom with three children ages 9, 5, and 3. She and her family worship at the 7th and Beech Church of Christ in Durant, Oklahoma. Her husband, Jake, is the Campus Minister for the Student Bible Center at Southeastern Oklahoma State University. Be sure to check out her blog at
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Brad Harrub has generously donated a copy of
Convicted for us to GIVE AWAY!

Congratulations to Christy Deree who won the drawing for Convicted!

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