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Let It Overflow–The Days Beyond

Posted by Lacy Crowell May - 20 - 2015 0 Comment
my family

As Christians, we love to be there for each other’s monumental moments, and we fully embrace Romans 12:15. Congregations all over our country are having “Senior Sunday” to honor their congregation’s graduating seniors. Just this past week I was blessed to gather with my sisters in Christ to celebrate the wedding of one of our own. When one of us experiences a loss or is diagnosed with a serious illness  [ Read More ]

My Appointed Time

Posted by Jayla Sparks May - 18 - 2015 1 Comment

If you happen to live in a place that changes with the seasons, you know what it is like to go outside during the winter months and “see your breath.” If you happen to be shoveling snow, you will see this quite a bit! It reminds me of the verse, “You are just a vapor that appears for a little while and then vanishes away.”James 4:14  I want to take  [ Read More ]

Finer Grounds: Judges 17-18

Posted by Kristy Huntsman May - 15 - 2015 1 Comment

Judges and Ruth Lesson 10: The Appearance of Piety (Judges 17-18) The next few chapters of Judges don’t necessarily occur chronologically within the book. The writer is trying to give us an overview of the state of morality in Israel during the time of the judges. As we approach the end of Judges, let’s take a minute to review. What are some of the major themes throughout this book?     [ Read More ]

Mary Rose and Me -Prayer

Posted by Jayla Sparks May - 13 - 2015 0 Comment

  Colossians 4:2 “Devote yourselves to prayer, keeping alert in it with an attitude of thanksgiving.” NASU Upon arrival to her Bible class room, Mary Rose spied some letters of the alphabet written out on colored paper that was mixed in their puzzle pieces. They were all spread out over the table, a-r-e-y-r-P-. Finding and unscrambling the letters would help the students find out what their Bible lesson was going to be about. The  [ Read More ]

When the Weatherman is Wrong

Posted by Jayla Sparks May - 11 - 2015 0 Comment
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  When the Weatherman is Wrong POSTED BY ADMIN FEBRUARY – 24 – 2014 2 COMMENTS     Snow is rare in south Alabama, and when I say rare, I mean we see actual snow about once every 15 years or so. The snow and ice event that we saw here this month is something that my children most likely won’t see again until they are adults. As news came out early  [ Read More ]

Finer Grounds: Judges 14-16

Posted by Kristy Huntsman May - 9 - 2015 0 Comment

Judges and Ruth Lesson 9: God Shines Through Brokenness (Judges 14-16) I will readily admit to being perplexed by some of the actions of our next judge. According to my husband, if I were a man I might more fully understand these chapters. Nevertheless, there is much that we as Christian women can glean from these accounts of Samson. He is much more three dimensional than our flannelgraph lessons would  [ Read More ]

Praising God — a Bible-marking Topic

Posted by admin May - 7 - 2015 7 Comments
Bible marking

“Praise the Lord!”  I confess that I have been uncomfortable when hearing that phrase.  I’m not real sure why.  The only reason I can come up with for my trepidation is that I associate that phrase with the misguided in the religious world.  Silly, I know.  After all, the Bible writers express it repeatedly.  I also think that praise is the weakest part of my prayer life.  I do a  [ Read More ]

Finer Grounds: Judges 12 & 13

Posted by Jayla Sparks May - 1 - 2015 2 Comments

  Judges and Ruth Lesson 8: The Angel of the Lord (Judges 12 & 13) Throughout the book of Judges, we have seen the nation plunging into darkness and being rescued time after time. As we draw near to the end of this book, we will see more and more corruption and depravity creep into the lives of the Israelites. While there will be a few lights that break through  [ Read More ]

A Godly Attitude Lights the Way

Posted by Jayla Sparks April - 27 - 2015 3 Comments

I read an article on Facebook that broke my heart. It actually happened a few years ago, but the powerful message remains. It was a story of a five-month-old who was neglected by his parents, and he died. He had been strapped in a carseat and placed in a crib for eight days with no diaper changes, food, water, or touch. What happened here? Did his parents have more pressing issues to  [ Read More ]

Finer Grounds: Judges 10 & 11

Posted by Kristy Huntsman April - 17 - 2015 4 Comments

Judges and Ruth Lesson 7: Strength Turned to Weakness (Judges 10 & 11)   Read Judges 10:1-5   List the two judges mentioned in these verses.    Once again, we see the interjection of two judges that don’t have a significant narration attached to their names. It is possible that the judges discussed in detail were the ones that best illustrated the central themes of the book. These also may have been  [ Read More ]