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Get Out of the Boat

This summer I was given the amazing opportunity to teach at the Future Teacher Training Camp in Owasso, OK.  As I was beginning my homiletics (lesson preparation and delivery) class I made the statement to the girls that it’s ok to be afraid when you get up to speak in front of people, or when you do anything new, for that matter. As the week progressed I learned that my brief statement had been quite an epiphany for many of our girls, including my own daughter. This really got me to thinking about the expectations we often have of ourselves as … [Read More...]

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Feeling Bearish? Don’t Hibernate!

In any evening news report, the segment on the economy generally indicates the outlook on the stock market as “bullish” or “bearish”. Bull markets are characterized by optimism, investor confidence and expectations that strong results will continue. Bear markets, on the other hand, are market conditions filled with widespread pessimism and negative … [Read More...]


Finer Grounds: Introduction to Mark

Mark Lesson 1: The Man, the Message, the Mission   Without question the most captivating story known to mankind is that of the life, death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Mark’s account of the salvation brought to mankind through the man Jesus Christ is artfully interwoven with intrigue, secrets, and miraculous occurrences. Yet … [Read More...]

How to Make a Prayer Journal

Tutorial: How to Make a Prayer Journal

Maybe some of these common prayer problems seem familiar: I know somebody asked me to pray for something, but I can’t remember who or what! I have waaaayy too many things I need to pray for and I just don’t have the time! I can never quite figure out what to say in prayer. It seems like my prayers just aren’t answered. Whenever I say … [Read More...]


Finer Grounds: Ruth 3-4

Judges and Ruth Lesson 13: The Kinsman Redeemer (Ruth 3-4)   The second chapter of Ruth left us with a cliff-hanger. So many questions were yet to be answered. What will happen to Ruth and Naomi when Barley season is over? Will Boaz act on his affection for Ruth? Will Ruth ever find the security of a loving husband again? Thankfully, we get to … [Read More...]


Judgement is Surely Coming (A Bible-Marking Topic)

There’s a reason we can’t keep silent about right and wrong. There’s a reason we must stand up for the truth even in the face of ridicule and disdain. There’s a reason we try to remain pure, share the Word, and love our enemies. The reason is the promise of judgment. We understand that what we say and do now does matter and does effect our … [Read More...]