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Denying Self — Divine Percolations

Posted by admin January - 28 - 2015 5 Comments

It’s about this time during these cold, dull days of January that it’s easy to begin questioning those New Year Resolutions. You know, the ones like, “I resolve to give up junk food, get up early, floss everyday, don’t stay up late on the weeknights, etc., etc.,” Then one very chilly morning, all toasty in bed with the clock ticking close by after a late night of having enjoyed deep  [ Read More ]

Finer Grounds: Matthew 6-Lesson 4

Posted by Kristy Huntsman January - 28 - 2015 0 Comment

Matthew 6 Lesson 4: Matthew 6:19-34 As we finish up the last section of Matthew 6 don’t forget the main theme of Jesus’ sermon (cf. Matthew 5:20). It is important to remember the main point as we get into the next passage because Jesus is going to switch gears a little. Think back to Lesson 1 when I asked “What areas of righteousness Jesus contrasts in chapter 6?” We have  [ Read More ]

A New Perspective

Posted by Jayla Sparks January - 22 - 2015 2 Comments

It is always a good thing to evaluate our actions, and strive to improve on things. Like sister Anna Maynard, I recently spent some time in Africa and truly had my eyes opened. Let me share some insights into what I learned from a third-world country. I hope that you will meditate on these things, as I did, and start each new day, with a new resolve. Visiting Africa gave  [ Read More ]

Finer Grounds: Matthew 6 – 3

Posted by Kristy Huntsman January - 21 - 2015 0 Comment

Matthew 6 Lesson 3: Matthew 6:16-18 Moving right along with our study of Matthew chapter 6, don’t forget what the main theme of Jesus’ entire sermon is (see Matthew 5:20). Remember within chapter 6, Jesus is contrasting the scribes and Pharisees’ righteousness and how it was focused on gratifying themselves, with the kind of righteousness God wants which is centered on Him.  So far we have examined how Jesus wants  [ Read More ]

Finer Grounds: Matthew 6 – 2

Posted by Kristy Huntsman January - 13 - 2015 1 Comment

Matthew 6 Lesson 2: Matthew 6:5-15   Before we start with the next passage in Mathew chapter 6, it might be helpful to re-read verses 1-4. Don’t forget to keep in mind the main theme of Jesus’ sermon, which can be found in Matthew 5:20. Also, remember that in our first lesson we tried to identify the different areas of righteousness in chapter 6 which Jesus contrasts (I see four).  [ Read More ]

Messianic Prophecies– a Bible-marking topic

Posted by Jayla Sparks January - 7 - 2015 1 Comment

    Some of our teens recently shared with us the way in which many of their friends view the Bible. Even though their friends are religious people, they don’t believe the Bible is truly the inspired Word of God. They see it more as a book of stories with some moral guidelines, much like Aesop’s Fables. They see the Bible as outdated and irrelevant. Or at the very least,  [ Read More ]

Finer Grounds: Matthew 6-Introduction

Posted by Kristy Huntsman January - 6 - 2015 0 Comment

Matthew 6 Lesson 1: Introduction Before digging into Matthew 6, we need to keep in mind the expanded context of Jesus’ entire sermon. It’s important for us to remember that Matthew 5-7 is one sermon which Jesus delivered in a single setting, therefore we should find one unifying theme that Jesus develops throughout the entire sermon. After reading through Jesus’ sermon several times, we should ask ourselves, “Does Jesus plainly  [ Read More ]

Finer Grounds: How to Study the Bible-12

Posted by Kristy Huntsman January - 5 - 2015 0 Comment

How to Study the Bible Lesson 12: Application   We have now reached the last and most important chapter in our How to Study series: Application. In order to understand how a text applies to us, we must first see what it meant to the people to whom it was written. If you have reached this part in our study, you should be well acquainted with the meaning of the  [ Read More ]

CFYC’s Top Articles of 2014 (According to you!)

Posted by Kristy Huntsman December - 31 - 2014 1 Comment
CFYC image(1)

It’s been a great year here at CFYC! We’ve had TONS of great articles. We got curious… what were the top articles each month? Maybe you’re curious too. So (drumroll, please!)… here they are! January:  Reshaping Your Eyes by Erynn Sprouse   February: To Die For by Kelli Hughett   March:  In Remembrance of Me: A Bible Marking Topic by Kathy Pollard   April: Does HE Say Yes To the Dress by Catherine Brumback  [ Read More ]

Kindness Elves — Let It Overflow

Posted by Lacy Crowell December - 17 - 2014 5 Comments

For several years now, around the holiday season my Facebook and Pinterest accounts have absolutely exploded with Elf on the Shelf ideas. These range from the absolutely adorable (which would make me long for an Elf on our Shelf) to the crude and inappropriate (which would make me cringe away from all things Elf on the Shelf). While I would never condemn anyone who chose to use Elf on the  [ Read More ]