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Making Resolutions That Matter

It certainly didn’t take me very long this year.  It is not even New Year’s yet and I have already broken a resolution!  This year I had resolved to NOT make any resolutions. The typical, “lose weight, be a better housekeeper, get up earlier for a more productive day, etc.” have gotten kind of old and tired, so I decided why even bother this year?  That is, until my nine-year-old taught me a very valuable lesson.  I went into Re’Elle’s room to put away her laundry the other day, & happened to notice a list on her bed.  On one side was a … [Read More...]

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To Tempt or Not to Tempt

Temptation is not something new. It has been around since Genesis chapter 3. It comes in many different forms throughout the rest of the scriptures; anything from fruit to wealth to pretty women to idols to following the wrong crowd. Pretty much anything that falls into these categories is a form of temptation –“For all that is in the world, the … [Read More...]

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Let It Overflow — You Got Caught!

    It’s that time of year again! Thanksgiving! Tomorrow all around our country, and in fact all around the world, people will be gathering around the table and spending time together focusing on all the ways they are blessed. Many people even engage in the “30 Days of Thankfulness” and use each day of November as an opportunity to … [Read More...]


Finer Grounds: Genesis 2-3

  Genesis Lesson 2: Fall in the Garden Genesis chapter 2 picks up with the completion of the heavens and the earth and, in verse two, we see that God “rested on the seventh day from all His work which He had done”.  The Hebrew word for “rested” is SHABATH.  Does that word remind you of any other word?  SHABATH is the root word for what we … [Read More...]


Finer Grounds: Genesis 1

  Genesis Lesson 1: In the Beginning We are about to embark on a study into the most ancient text in the world.  Genesis is the first book of the Bible and is not only a revealing of “the beginning”, but a tremendous reference for better understanding the nature of God and His ultimate plan of redemption.  Before we look into the actual … [Read More...]


Finer Grounds: Mark Review

  Mark Lesson 13: Proclaimed-Jesus the Christ   Before You Begin: Make a new list of what you know about the Gospel according to Mark, and compare it to the one you made at the beginning of this study. What have you learned?    Take Action: Read through the entire Gospel of Mark one more time. Is it any different for you … [Read More...]

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